Immune System to USB to Computer to IV

Here’s a crazy invention that will pop up eventually.

1) Get a device that hooks up a blood sample tube to an analyser to a computer.

From information from the analyser, your computer, which may well be an iphone like device, compares your readings to some that you took a week or so ago and checks that everything (like vitamin/mineral levels up to things like immune cell function early indicators of cancer) is all hunkydory. This keeps a longitudinal track of all of your health data.

3) In your other arm, you stick an IV tube, which is hooked up to another outboard device also connected by usb to a computer. It compares the output of the blood from one arm to what you should get, and then injects what you need through IV into the other arm.

I guess you could get a funky device that has both an input and an output valve and just put it in one arm. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2040, we all walk around with permanent usb plugs in our arm for this process. Insurance companies would demand it… people would pretty much use it as it would tell them if something is up rather than having to go all the way to the doctors to figure this stuff out.

Anyway, thats my cyborg idea for the day. Connecting your body by USB to a computer.

Viva la Trans-Human.


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