Nillumbik Shire


Apart from growing up in Tasmania until I was about 17, about 7 years in St Kilda while I was at Monash University ( as a student… I teach there now! ) and about 4 years in Sydney during my PhD, I’ve tended to gravitate towards places in Nillumbik Shire. Hurstbridge, Briar Hill and Eltham mainly! A good 6 years has been spent around this area and I quite like it! I also like all the various bushy parts of it as well as the more city-esque Eltham area. We have been travelling around exploring bits and pieces of it over the last couple of years. I am thinking of making a little project of cataloging and photograph all the little (and larger!) walks and trips we explore on, so, given a small amount of time, (we are just moving 5 minutes away… from Eltham… to… North Eltham!), these photos should begin to emerge!

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