Nice take on Nillumbik :)


A nice take on Nillumbik… at it’s present state! It seems to change it’s boundaries every few decades as I am slowly learning… more about that later! There is a really nice hand drawn version available at the St Andrews general store that I am intending to pick up!

From the Shire site : ‘The Shire of Nillumbik is located less than 25 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, and has the Yarra River as its southern boundary. It extends 29 kilometres to Kinglake National Park in the north. The Shire stretches approximately 20 kilometres from the Plenty River and Yan Yean Road in the west to Christmas Hills and the Yarra escarpment in the east

The Shire covers an area of 431.94 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 64,219 who live in close-knit communities which range from typical urban settings to remote and tranquil bush properties.”

Don’t forget the Eltham Butterfly Festival on Saturday!

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